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I am a South London photographer who loves the unpredictability and immediacy of instant film. I use a Polaroid SX-70 for much of my work and have carried out several projects using the emulsion lift process.​

Group Exhibitions:

2020   Fix Photo Awards, Still Life ( Laura Noble's Judge's Choice)

2020   London Independent Photography, Chronicles of Lockdown ( Judge's              Choice)

2020   Shutter Hub Yearbook, Online

2020   Shutter Hub Everyday Delight, Stay at Home Edition

2020   Shutter Hub Postcards from Great Britain, Haarlem, Netherlands

2019   Shutter Hub Everyday Delight, London

2019   Shutter Hub Home, Usk, Wales

2018   Photofusion Salon/18 London

2017   Photofusion Salon/17 London

2016   Photofusion Salon/16 London

2012   Photofusion Salon/12 London

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